Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the future of telephony, this makes use of the existing LAN infrastructure without having you to do a separate cabling for telephone. It comes with great advantages like Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Voicemail, Call Accounting, etc. With VoIP even your computers can be used to receive and make calls with ease. You can have your calls rerouted to your cell phone anytime you are not seated in the office either through the internet or your telephone service provider.

We install and service Cisco, polycom, grandstream, avaya, dlink and yealink A�equipment with OEM warranty.

We implementA�VoIP solutions that provide clear HD call quality without requiring huge investments in equipment & bandwidth.

If your business requires routing calls via the internet we will deploy a cost-effective solution that delivers high performance. Our VoIP solutions work well within the internet constraints prevalent in Ghana and many other African nations.