Do you want to keep UNAUTHORIZED persons from sensitive parts of your office, warehouse or factory? Let’s help you do that with our access control systems. We have access control systems from top notched manufacturers in the world whichA�are seamless writers block for personal statement graduate school and can integrate into virtually any existing platforms.
We have solutions for glass doors to security

Our devices accept:A� Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, RFID, Access Card, Token or PINs.

The locks come in different sizes and styles ranging from magnetic to electronic draw bolts.

RICO Solution’s Access Control solutions come with free support and after sales services.


The system can be enabled to ensure that employees pay someone to type my paper are reporting to work on time and working agreed number of hours. We have a variety of time clockA�systems that will guarantee the maximum productivity of your staff.

Our systems provide analytics enable you to observe trends in employee behavior and apply these insights to improve HR processes.

Let us implement a cost effective solution toA�improve productivity in your organization.